A Few Days with the New MacBook Air

My daughters both have been long overdue for new laptops but for a long time now. However, I refused to get them new ones. That’s because the last MacBook Air I bought them lasted over 8 years and I want the next one to do the same. I just don’t believe those butterfly switch keyboards will last that long. So, when Apple released scissor switch keyboards on the new Retina MacBook Air, we ordered one for each of our daughters. We’ve had them in the house nearly a week and I’ve got some observations:

  • The Keys feel great. Just like the 16” MacBook Pro and the Magic Keyboard at my iMac, the travel is about right and I no longer have to wonder when it will stop working.

  • The screen, at maximum brightness is noticeably dimmer than the MacBook Pro, but at a normal brightness, it is indistinguishable. And my kids are flipping out over the retina screens. It’s easy to forget what a massive upgrade that is over the old MacBook Air.

  • We got the i5 build, and for giggles I ran some screencast post production on one. It is a little jumpy and the render takes awhile, but it is absolutely up to the task.

  • The hinge balance feels great. Just enough force to open and close and it stays where you leave it.

  • In general, after usage, my initial thoughts remain true. This is a worthy successor to that 13” non-retina MacBook Air that we all loved so much. The MacBook Air is, once again, a computer we can all confidently recommend to friends and family. I expect these new machines to last my girls through college and beyond, keyboard and all.