Six Months with Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade service is now six months old, and it is, from my perspective, the most successful Apple subscription service to come out of 2019 by far. For my $5 a month, I’m constantly finding fun games that entertain me without hassling me to buy additional “coins”, “tokens” or other currency. Moreover, my kids get full access to the evolving game library for the same $5. (In case you are wondering, right now I’m working on Oceanhorn 2 but also looking forward to No Way Home.) Lately I’ve been on a bit of a subscription purge, getting rid of services I don’t use, but Apple Arcade is definitely worth it in the Sparks household.

It feels like Apple Arcade has the right model, the right price, and the right partners with some of the best mobile game developers in the business. I’m not alone in this opinion. The Verge just ran its own piece on the success of Apple Arcade, and I hear from listeners and readers all the time that are fans. I hope senior Apple management is looking at this success story as they plan to expand their other subscription services.