Some Recommended Teleconference Backgrounds

A lot of folks suddenly find themselves using teleconference software like Zoom and Skype for work related meetings. The trouble is that we all don’t necessarily have the perfect space to do such work and we don’t necessarily want our messy houses in the background. Zoom lets you insert a background and, as of yesterday, so does Skype. So what do you use as a background image? I have a few ideas:


This is an assortment of downloadable images and video that is growing fast. Many of them are humorous. A few of them are subtle. There’s something for everyone.

Star Wars Backgrounds published a set of pictures from movie sets that can put you in the rebel base, in the Falcon, or on the Death Star. We all have to choose a side at some point.

Textures Work Too

If you are looking for something more subtle, a Google Imates for texttures in your color of choice (gray always works) can also do the trick.

If you are going to use a background, make sure you have some blank space behind you and that your face is well lit.