Eero in the Apple Store

Apple has now started selling Eero mesh networking hardware in the Apple Store. This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

Eero is an Amazon Product

I’m an Eero user. They sponsored the podcast years ago, and then I bought some more when they upgraded their hardware. They are substantially better than our prior AirPort WiFi. We all got a little nervous when Amazon bought Eero, but so far it seems they’ve left mainly Eero alone. Still, it’s surprising that Apple is willing to sell Eero in its store. Can we take this to mean that Apple is convinced Amazon is not going to be doing anything creepy with Eero data? I sure hope so.

Apple is Probably Not Getting in the Mesh Networking Game

I would love for Apple to get back into the WiFi router game. What if Apple TVs and HomePods could double as Mesh networking devices? Given Apple’s position on protecting consumer privacy and their ability to integrate their hardware and software, such a product could be great. Given the fact that Apple is instead now selling Eero devices, the possibility of an Apple mesh networking system seems unlikely.