Walking and Chewing Gum

Steven Sinofsky, formerly of Microsoft, had an interesting Twitter thread a few days ago that was complimentary of Apple and its ability to ship their own Apple silicon. I read through the thread, and at one point he explains the sort of focus it takes for a company of Apple’s size to pull this off.

Then later, he makes a point that hit me right between the eyes.

Within hours of Apple announcing that they were moving all Macs to their own silicon within two years, I was on a podcast whining about the lack of a share button in Apple Mail.

I get Sinofsky’s point, but I don’t have any regrets whining about the Mail app, iOS tag support, or any of the other friction points I face every day as an Apple customer that could be solved with better software.

Make no mistake, this week was monumental in the evolution of the Mac. There is a reason that after so many years the macOS now goes to number 11. Apple silicon Macs are going to change the way we use our Macs significantly. I’m not sure if any of us appreciate how much these changes will resonate into the platform’s future.

Still … it sure would be nice if Apple added a share button to Mail on the iPhone and iPad.