The Updated Omni Roadmap for 2020

This week Ken Case posted an updated road map for the Omni Group products. If ever there was a year that needed an update to the road map midstream, it’s this one. The most interesting part was his discussion of the decision to move foreward with macOS 11’s new design and programming paradigm. The Omni Group was one of the original Next developers that came over to the Mac with the arrival of OS X twenty-some years ago. That’s what makes his insight on this next transition so illuminating.

But if we were building a new app today, I believe the best way to invest in the future of our products would be to take full advantage of these new frameworks rather than continuing to build on older technology. And if we want our products to stay relevant for another twenty years, I believe that adopting the latest technologies is the right move for them as well.

Of course the Omni Group is one of the first to dive in. I can only hope that other Mac developers are reaching the same conclusion. I truly believe we are about to enter a new era with respect to the Mac. The ability to run iPad and iOS apps represents a big change to the Mac and is going to change the way everyone looks at the platform. It will be a different world, and the developers who are figuring it out now will be the ones to watch.