Ulysses, A Remarkable Writing Tool (Sponsor)

Ulysses Icon.jpeg

For years now, I’ve been using Ulysses for all of my serious writing projects, and I’m pleased to have Ulysses back as this week’s sponsor. One of the things I like about Ulysses is that despite its many years of development (they recently released version 20), the Ulysses team is always looking for ways to make it better and willing to “go big” with changes if they can help their users with the hard work of writing.

A great example of this is the recent changes they’ve made to the outline navigation tools. It has been relocated to the Mac’s dashboard, and it’s entirely new on iPhone and iPad.

It’s now one view that combines your outline, bookmarks, annotations, and links. I just wrote a lengthy legal document using these tools, and they are a marked improvement over the prior system. You can learn more about this feature over at the Ulysses blog. I’d add that you may want to keep up with the Ulysses blog since they not only advise on using Ulysses but also offer some great general advice to help make writing easier.

I’m invested in Ulysses. It just makes writing easier. For so many years, I wrote in apps that were about word processing, not writing. Ulysses is a writing app in every sense of the word. Go check out Ulysses today and start using an app that can help you make your words better. They’ve even got a special offer for MacSparky Readers.