The First Apple Silicon Laptop(s)

Mixed signals are coming out of the rumor mill about the first Apple Silicon laptops. There are two reliable sources, one stating Apple will start with a 13″ MacBook Pro, another saying Apple will bring back the 12″ MacBook with Apple Silicon and a truly killer 15-hour battery life. Jason Snell summarized it all and weighed in at Macworld, speculating that both rumors are probably correct and the question comes down to timing.

I know I’m wish-casting here, but wouldn’t it be nice if Apple could ship both new Apple Silicon laptops before the end of the year. After all, Apple did start as a computer company, and they’ve got plenty of expertise in making computers. What a great flex it would be if they could give buyers two options, one with killer processing power and impressive battery life, and another with impressive power and killer battery life.

The thing that none of us on the outside know is just how long Apple has been preparing for this. They could be ramping up slowly with the MacBook first and then the MacBook Pro later next year. But they could have just as easily been planning this for years and holding back a new 13 (or 14!) inch MacBook Pro so it could be one of the first Apple Silicon Macs. None of us know, but a nerd can dream.