LaunchCuts: A Power Tool for Shortcuts Users

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.10.16 AM.png

The more you use Shortcuts, the more you the lack of shortcut organization smacks you in the face. Adam Tow, of, has been an active Shortcuts user and community contributor for some time. He decided to take this problem on and has done so with the release of his LaunchCuts app.

LaunchCuts uses pulls in a list of all your shortcuts and then gives you a way to organize them with things like folders and smart folders. There are a bunch more user-friendly features, like an adjustable grid size and keyboard shortcuts. With this app, you have an alternative to Shortcuts for launching shortcuts. It’s superior for that purpose in every way I can figure. You’ll still need Shortcuts to create automations, but LaunchCuts makes the process of running them much less painful.