DIY Touch Bar

Stephen Hacket has been upping his game on his Touch Bar using BetterTouchTool along with Keyboard Maestro to run setups on his laptop. This all grew out of a similar workflow he’s been using on his Mac Pro following some gentle encouragement from me that he buy a Stream Deck.

The Touch Bar is something a lot of folks love to hate but I don’t see it that way. I think Apple’s biggest mistake with the Touch Bar is shipping it with the Siri button right over the top of the delete button. As a result, it’s easily triggered and this makes people hate the Touch Bar. The good news is that you can customize it (and even remove the Siri button). I also use BetterTouchTool with my Touch Bar but rather than triggering Keyboard Maestro snippets, I’ve been using it to display information, like the date, weather, and upcoming calendar events. I’ll do a separate post in the future outlining my tweaks but in the meantime, if you have a Mac with a Touch Bar, you’ll want to check out BetterTouchTool for making the Touch Bar work for you.