Bartender 4 Gets Menu Bar Automation

With Big Sur, we got Bartender 4, the Mac super-utility that lets you take control of the menu bar. I’ve been using Bartender for years, but this latest version is really firing on all cylinders. I even run Bartender on my gigantic monitor just so I can get some of the clutter off the screen.

Up until last week, I didn’t think Bartender could get any better—then it did. With the most recent release of Bartender 4, the app now has some automation chops. The most recent update lets you add hotkey triggers to open menu bar tools. Not only can you simulate a left click, you can also simulate a right click and clicks with option keys. With some (but not all) menu bar items, you can then use arrow keys to navigate menu bar items. Brett Terpstra also digs Bartender.

You can find Bartender directly from the developer for $15 or get it as part of your Setapp subscription.