Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide Update

I had really hoped to be announcing the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide this week but, alas, between some unexpected legal work and the rough Shortcuts for Mac beta, it’s not done. When it comes to Field Guides, “Good” is always better than “Fast.” What I can tell you is that I’m deep into recording now and making good progress. Moreover, the software is at a state where (most) of my planned videos can be recorded. I’m hoping to release it in November. I’ll have more updates soon.

In the meantime, if you are playing with Shortcuts for Mac and have any particular issues or topics you’d like to see me cover in the new Field Guide, there is still time. Just drop me a note with “Shortcuts for Mac FG” in the title. I will read them all but no promises about what gets added. This one is already looking like it will be a long one.