The Post Where I Whine About Apple’s 2021 Leather Colors

You’ll find that in the decade-plus I’ve been writing at MacSparky, I rarely comment on Apple’s color choices. That’s because I am spectacularly unqualified to do so. Canary yellow and lemon yellow both look to me just like … well … yellow. I buy my shirts from REI and I don’t own anything remotely fashionable. Someone bought me a pair of hip Allbirds several years ago and I still wear them every day even though they are no longer hip. Heck, I still have no clue how I’m supposed to pronounce Hermès.

All that said, can I just say that I think the leather colors for this year’s iPhone cases and wallets all look like dogs&*t? I finally made it into an Apple Store and looked at them closely. This is the first time I couldn’t’ get excited about a single one of them. The same goes for the magnetic wallet. I got one last year and I use it all the time. I thought the new wallet location features would justify an upgrade but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them in those colors.

Instead, I ended up buying a light blue synthetic case (It’s called “Blue Jay”, of course) that I actually like.