Ambient Video of the Millennium Falcon

I’ve been suffering from a creeping case of tinnitus over the years. My left ear rings at a minor third to my right ear. I’ve gotten used to it, but I notice it a lot more often in silent rooms.

So I’ve become a fan of ambient noise. One version of that is the extensive list of ambient videos on YouTube. You can find them in Yoda’s hut, at Hogwarts in the rain, or even on a beautiful hike. Recently, I decided to make my own at Disneyland, of the Millennium Falcon. So my friend Liana Lehua and I showed up at Disneyland one Sunday morning with our fancy cameras. We shot several long videos of different angles of the Millenium Falcon. There is no music, just the ambient sounds of Disneyland and the Batuu spaceport.

This one is scratching my own itch, but I love it. If you’d like some noise on in the background along with a pleasant video, check this out. You’ll even see a few cameos from Liana, Daisy, and myself. We’re thinking about making more if people like this one.