FastScripts 3

I’ve been using FastScripts for years to run AppleScripts, and it’s just released a major update. FastScripts 3.0 has got:

  • Parallel script execution: no more waiting for long tasks before starting another.

  • ScriptLight menu searching: quickly see a summary of matchings scripts in your script library.

  • Script progress feedback: If there’s something wonky going on, this makes it easy to help me decide if I want to stop a script.

FastScripts 3 is free to use, but the premium features are disabled. If you’re an existing user who wants to upgrade a paid license for FastScripts 2, the price is $19.95 (free for those who purchased it on or after January 1, 2021). For automation and keyboard shortcuts ninjas who want to use the premium features, you can purchase FastScripts 3 for $39.95. My congratulations to Red Sweater on this new release.