It’s Not Too Late

I read this Bloomberg article reporting that the average age of the top 10 podcasts is seven years. The article makes the case for how hard it is to launch a successful podcast in a crowded market and while all of that is true, I don’t agree with the insinuation that it is somehow too late to make a relevant and popular show. In fact, this touches a nerve for me. This idea, that it’s too late to make a good podcast, is not new. When we were in the development stage of the Mac Power Users, we were told by several reputable podcasters that we were “too late” to start an Apple-related podcast. I remember one guy telling me there was “no oxygen left in the room.” Of course, that was not true.

Nobody looked at a Picasso painting and said, “That’s it, folks. We’ve reached Peak Art. There is no point doing any more painting.” The fact is that everything is evolving and every new voice leaves its mark.

I don’t care what kind of art you want to make, it’s not too late. It’s never too late.