The Six Colors 2021 Apple Report Card

Today Jason Snell published his annual Apple Report Card. The story this year isn’t particularly surprising. On the big picture level, people are loving the new Mac hardware and frustrated with Apple software in general. I can’t help but think digging out of this perceived software hole is going to be a much longer turnaround for Apple than our collective reversal on Apple Hardware.

Part of the problem is that different people have different reasons for being unhappy with Apple software. The other reason is that software, now more than ever, is complicated. In the days of MacPaint, the team just had to make an app that could paint with the Mac. Modern Apple software needs to work on screens ranging from watch size to iMac size, utilize input methods ranging from fingers to keyboards, and play nicely with the Internet. That’s a tall order and I think most people that think seriously about these things know that. Still, I believe Apple could do better.