In Support of Ukraine

Like many people all around the globe, I’ve watched this ongoing invasion of Ukraine with great sadness. Trying to write about this topic is one for which I find myself ill-equipped. I don’t know the history of the region as well as I should. I don’t know about the current politics of the region as well as I should. I do, however, know human suffering when I see it.

I have friends in our geek community in Ukraine and I worry about them. When I see the news I think, “Where is Julia right now? Is Eugene safe?” There is not a lot I can do, but I can contribute money to help those in need. I just wasn’t sure where.

That’s where Oleksandr Kosovan comes into it. Oleksandr is the CEO of MacPaw, one of my favorite developers (which also happens to be a Ukrainian company). Oleksandr wrote this excellent post about how the invasion is impacting him and his employees. It gave me a lot of insight. Moreover, Oleksandr concluded the post with a list of organizations where you can donate to make a difference. Whether you want to help the Ukrainian army or assist with humanitarian aid, there are links where your donation can make a difference today.

Regardless, it helps getting an understanding from someone in the midst of the crisis and I’d encourage you to read and share Oleksandr’s article with friends and family.