Why I Love Kaizen Foam

Every time I open my drawers, I smile a little bit. The reason, is Kaizen Foam.

Years ago I bought some of this and I’ve been lining my drawers with it ever since. It comes in big sheets (2′ x 4′) but easily cuts with a box cutter to fit your drawers. Then you cut bits out of it to fit the shapes of your things. And the thing is you can cut those bits out over time, as you figure out exactly what goes where. When you’re done, everything has its place … and if you are as anal retentive as I am about these things, you get warm and fuzzy all over.

If you decide to get your own Kaizen Foam, check out these guys. The trick is to buy a bundle for the free shipping. It took me a few years to work through my first bundle, but now that I’m reopening my wood shop I’ve just received my second bundle. If you’re curious, I get the 30 mm variant in black.

If you want your drawers to make you smile, look no further.