A Few Questions Before Watching Today’s Apple Keynote

Today, Apple is going to announce a new product category and that is always exciting. Here are a few things to think about as they announce their headset:

What’s the Technology Jump?

There’s been a lot of speculation and rumors that the new technology Apple is using will be significantly better than that before it in terms of screen resolution. If it’s true, will virtual reality get over a tipping point today where it is, feels more about the “reality“ part, and less about the “virtual“ part? If true, this could really be the jump this technology needed in order to become something more.

What’s the User Interface?

Apple always revolutionizes user interfaces. They did that on the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watch. They’ve been spending a lot of time and money researching virtual reality and augmented reality leading up to today. I can’t wait to see how they tackle the user interface face problem. If history is any judge, whatever they announce today will be in all competing products within a few years.

What’s the Story?

Another thing Apple is good at is coming up with a story around their technology. Assuming we do have significantly better technology, and a better user interface, how does that change virtual reality into something that’s more useful than playing VR games? What is their story behind this product? Where do they see us using it? How can it make our lives easier?

Those are the big three questions in my mind as we head towards today’s keynote. If Apple can deliver on those three questions, virtual reality is about to get much more interesting.