Merlin’s Wisdom Project

I have always been a Merlin Mann fan. We’ve become friends over the years, but first, I was a fan. I think of Merlin in the way that I imagine contemporaries thought of Mark Twain. He’s observant, good-hearted, and can do amazing things with a pen or, in Merlin’s case, Markdown. 

For some time now, Merlin has been collecting little bits of wisdom that range from helpful advice, “Buy the nicest screwdrivers you can afford.“, to paradigm-shifting deep thoughts:

Your kids are not little versions of you; they are little versions of themselves. So, don’t be sad or alarmed whenever they are becoming something different from you. Because, they will become lots of things that are different from you, and that’s arguably the whole point. It is inarguably a thing that you need to cheerfully celebrate and support.
Merlin Mann, The Wisdom Project

The best part is that he’s sharing them with the world.