iPad at Work

iPad at Work

My most recent book, iPad at Work, is available on Amazon. Moreover, the book has wide distribution in brick and mortar booksellers, including Barnes and Noble.
iPad at Work is 344 pages of the how and (more importantly) why of getting work done on your iPad. The book includes 24 chapters of app recommendations, tutorials, workflows, and advice. I poured my heart into this nerd opus.

Here is the chapter list:

1. iPad Fundamentals
2. Useful Utilities
3. Security
4. Internet
5. Cloud File Storage
6. Email
7. Contacts
8. Calendars
9. Video Conferencing
10. Remote Access
11. Travel
12. Enterprise
13. Writing
14. PDFs
15. Reading
16. Notes
17. Brainstorming
18. Presentations
19. Task Management
20. Calculators and Spreadsheets
21. Graphics and Diagrams
22. Databases
23. Project Management
24. Time and Billing
There is also an appendix with specific app recommendations for education, law, medicine, construction, real estate, and information technology. I put a lot of time and effort into these 110,000 words and I’m very proud of this book. Merlin Mann wrote a very kind (and humbling) foreword.
I applied several lessons from Mac at Work to this new book. iPad at Work makes extensive use of QR codes so you can jump to App Store links and websites with little trouble. I’ve also included my own workflows in this book. If you want to read the book electronically, the iBookstore version includes tapable links to the App Store and websites. (The Kindle reader does not support this feature.)
My sincere thanks goes to everyone for supporting my efforts to write iPad at Work. I hope the book scratches your itch.

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Testimonials for iPad at Work

October 2011, #1 in iBookstore computer books

Merlin Mann

“…a swell book that will help a lot of people.”

John Chandler

“It might seem ambitious to call a practical technology book a manifesto, but you might not feel the same after reading it. David’s thorough writing (as usual) will quiet any skeptics who might say that an iPad is not a useful tool for someone in almost any line of work.”


“Even if you’re Scott Forstall, get the book just for the high-quality content. I plan to give this as a gift to several people this holiday. It’s not just for suit-wearing executives. I think a good subtitle would be ‘Making things with the iPad.’”


“David Sparks, aka MacSparky, aka a source of Much Wisdom for All Things Apple and Workflowish, just published a new book: iPad at Work … the price of admission is worth it just to see what he considers to be good workplace specific apps.”

Yuvi Zalkow

“This book is so well put together. What I mean is that it’s more than just a list of cool iPad apps; it’s more than a bunch of productivity insights; it’s more than a bunch of really useful (and often amusing) screenshots. From start to finish, it’s clear that David spent a great deal of time ensuring that this book makes you more productive on your iPad. I can only imagine all the things he must’ve decided NOT to include in the book in order to make the book as focused as it is. If you use an iPad for more than games, you’ve got to check this book out. Great work, David!”

Ernie the Attorney

“If you have an iPad and you want to get the most out of it, buy my friend David Sparks’ book, iPad At Work, and pay close attention to whatever he recommends. I just got my copy and started reading it, and I can say that this is an excellent resource. If you own or plan to buy an iPad I’d go so far as to say it’s indispensable.”

Tablet Legal

“More than a roundup of apps, iPad at Work talks about how to use those apps to get things done. I actually think lawyers reading iPad at Work may get more out of it than the average reader as we can put ourselves in David’s shoes as he explains his workflows. David’s techniques become that much more relateable, understandable and easy to try.”


“iPad at Work will help anyone with an iPad became much more productive.  Attorneys will especially appreciate the chapters on creating and manging documents, travel, presentations, task ma
nagement and remote access, but there is something for everyone in this excellent book.  I have looked at quite a few iPad-related books, and there is no question that this is now the #1 book that I will recommend to any attorney looking to get more done with his or her iPad.”


(Did I miss one? Let me know.)

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