Mac at Work

I recently went on my very own windmill-tilt and wrote a book about how to use your Mac at Work. The book is published by Wiley Press and available at discriminating online and retail booksellers.

Mac at Work is 24 chapters of the best software tools and workflow recommendations for getting work done on your Mac covering everything from backups to presentations. You can download a PDF copy of the Introduction, Table of Contents, and E-Mail Chapter below.

Testimonials for Mac at Work:

“I just want to never stop punching that guy. It is so annoying … Mac at Work. Fantastic. Super practical.”

“I keep two books in my bag: Get Things Done by David Allen and Mac at Work by Mr. Sparks. It’s so good I want to punch Merlin Mann.”

“As I read Mac at Work myself, I was struck by how David covers so many topics without overwhelming the reader. Each topic is thorough yet concise. The book is also well illustrated with screen shots. David provides the optimal amount of information needed to inform a decision in plain English, not arcane geek speak.”

“If you are wanting to use a Mac for ‘real work’, this book is worth your time — it also might make a good gift for your IT department. And if you are a home user, a student, or an indy professional, you don’t need to feel left out. You can benefit from David’s experience and wisdom too.”

“My wife borrowed my copy the other day and apparently started reading it. She can’t put it down, and every once in awhile she’ll exclaim “Oh wow, this is an AMAZING book!” Indeed, it is. I can see I’m going to have to order another copy for myself.”