The MacSparky Markdown Field Guide

by David Sparks and Eddie Smith

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Markdown started as a clever way to write for the web but has become so much more. This 130-page book demystifies Markdown, making it easy for anybody to learn. You also get access to 27 screencasts totaling more ninety minutes of video, as well as an additional hour of audio interviews with people that have a close connection to Markdown. This Field Guide takes you from zero knowledge of Markdown to being a Markdown pro and change the way you write for the better.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1 – Why Markdown

Learn why Markdown is such a big deal and why you need to learn it.

Chapter 2 – Markdown Basics

Get up to speed quickly with a complete guide to Markdown syntax, including cheat sheets and video screencasts for every major component of Markdown.

Chapters 3-6 – Markdown on the Mac, PC, iOS, and the Web

Get a hands-on guide to some of the best apps for writing Markdown on every platform with written guides, automation tools, screenshots, and extensive video tutorials.

Chapter 7 – Advanced Markdown

Markdown has grown, and there are several advanced techniques for getting even more out of Markdown including a guide and video tutorial for writing with MultiMarkdown, adding footnotes, tables, and metadata with Markdown. The authors also cover and recommend third-party apps that facilitate writing in Markdown for books and even track changes.

Chapter 8 – Markdown Workflows

The authors interviewed several Markdown power users including Merlin Mann, Fletcher Penney, Brett Terpstra, Federico Viticci, and Gabe Weatherhead to produce over an hour of audio interviews about how these experts use Markdown.

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Praise for the Markdown Field Guide

“The MacSparky Markdown Field Guide: New e-book from David Sparks and Eddie Smith, jam-packed with details, tips, app suggestions, and interactive content like screencasts and interviews […] Have to admit, I’m a little proud about this.”
John Gruber, Daring Fireball

David Sparks and Eddie Smith wrote a new MacSparky Field Guide on Markdown and it is really good … It’s amazing.”
Merlin Mann, Back to Work #122, 68:00

“Crafted for iPad, and replete with text and screencasts, David Sparks and Eddie Smith, Markdown: A MacSparky Field Guide, covers not only Gruber’s Markdown but Fletcher Penny’s MultiMarkdown as well. It also includes how to use Markdown on the Mac, Windows, iOS, and the Web.”
Rene Ritchie, iMore

I write everything in Markdown, except short emails and and texts (and even then I add emphasis with asterisks), and even I have already found some interesting sections I want to read through in full. If you never used Markdown, then consider giving David and his co-author Eddie Smith their cut of the $10 asking price as probably the best intro you’ll get.
  Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac

The book is well-organized and clearly written. The videos were pertinent and helpful — they felt as if I had taken home my own little personal tech conference.
Erica Sadun, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

“With 130 pages and 27 screencasts, plus audio interviews with myself, Merlin Mann, Fletcher Penney, Federico Viticci, and Gabe Weatherhead, it’s pretty well packed with information on basic and advanced Markdown, as well as Markdown workflows and how to put it to use for you. […] There’s also a PDF version for those without iPads, but if you have one, definitely get the iBook version. ”
Brett Terpstra

[…]You really can’t go wrong picking this guide up. You’ll save a ton of time for very little money. I’ve only started to make my way through the book […] and I’m already expanding my Markdown knowledge significantly.
 Mike Vardy at Productivityist

“Oh, and it’s not a book in the sense you’re thinking. It includes over 90 minutes of video demonstrating how to actually use Markdown, an additional ton of audio interviews with several preeminent Internet writers and, of course, the actual book text. It’s more of an experience than simply a book, if you ask me. Grab your iPad (you can also get it as a PDF if you don’t have an iPad) and pick up your copy of Markdown. Because you’re awesome and David and Eddie are awesome and Markdown is awesome. Just so much awesome.”
Brett Kelly at Bridging the Nerd Gap

“No Brainer … Field Guide to Markdown. Boom! I’ve been writing everything in Markdown for years and I know that even I will learn new tricks from this. Easy. Done.”
  Patrick Rhone, Author and publisher of Minimal Mac

“This is a wonderful tour of Markdown. It guides the reader from the basics up through the sophistication of MultiMarkdown. It is well organized, simple and beautiful.”
Gabe Weatherhead, Macdrifter

“The book itself is a blend of text, audio and video. It will help you get your head around the basics, gives you glance at some of the geeky goodness you can accomplish and tells you how some of the smartest people I know are using it to accomplish their work … Bottom line, if you haven’t taken the time to learn Markdown or aren’t entirely comfortable with it yet, do yourself a favor and buy this book.”
Michael Schechter at A Better Mess

“Overall I am very happy with this iBook, it took Markdown and in one day taught me everything I need to know about using it, and making it a part of my workflow. I am certain I will become a more efficient Mac user with the knowledge gained. Thank you David and Eddie. ”
Tim Verpoorten, Surfbits

“The Field Guide contains more than 27 screencasts and over an hour of audio content
explaining the basics of Markdown, why you should care about it, how it can be incorporated in your workflow, some really great tools to use for writing Markdown and interviews with some really smart people about how they’re using Markdown to get stuff done. It’s really a one-stop resource anyone from the beginner to the geek who wants to learn about or become more productive with Markdown.”
Katie Floyd

“I’ve been writing in Markdown for years but I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. I’m eager to have David and Eddie show me the rest.”
Dave Caolo at 52 Tiger

[…]This book is a must-have for anyone who loves Markdown or would like to get started with it.”
Chris Gonzales at Tools & Toys
“[… ]if my experience with the MacSparky Field Guide’s and Markdown is any indication, this is one that any writer (particularly for the web) will want to download today. ”
Des Paroz