TextExpander Snippets

TextExpander Snippets

Do you use TextExpander? So do I. Here are some useful snippets.

Media Review Snippets

Do you watch movies and read books or comics? Why not use TextExpander to simplify your own little mini-reviews and notes? You can find the original post here.

Download the Media Review Snippets 1.0


Meeting Notes Snippet

Want to get better at meetings with TextExpander, check this out. The original post is here.

Download the Meeting Notes Snippet 1.0


Conference Call Snippet

Make setting up conference calls much easier with freeconferencecall.com and this snippet. The original post is here. 

Download the Conference Call Snippet 1.0


Date and Time Snippets

Here are my favorite date and time snippets. The original post can be found here

Download Date and Time Snippets 1.0


Markdown Snippets

Here is an evolving list of my favorite snippets for writing Markdown as referenced in the Markdown Field Guide

Download Markdown Snippets 1.0


Foreign Thanks

Want to say “thanks” in something other than English? Than this one is for you. (Find the original post here.)

Download the Foreign Thanks Snippets Here.



Here are a collection of snippets I covered in my Paperless Field Guide.

Download the Paperless Snippets Here.


OmniFocus Snippets

Adding tasks to OmniFocus gets a lot easier with TextExpander.

Download the OmniFocus Snippets Here.


Expense Reporting

Original Post

Snippet Download