Genius Chronicles

Genius Bar

When I first bought my Mac, the Apple Store employees talked about the ProCare service.  While I didn’t initially bite on it, after taking a few of the free courses I quickly realized there is a wealth of good information there.  In addition the folks at the Irvine Spectrum Apple Store are all quite nice making spending time at the Genius Bar informative and fun.  I went ahead and signed up for ProCare a few months ago (fortunately before Apple split it up into two services)  Now having taken 4 or 5 classes I can report it is a good thing.  I was pretty knowledgeable and my switch to the Mac was relatively painless.  The Mac has really opened up the fun side of computing for me with music, video and pictures.  I’m finding the genius bar appointments extremely helpful in learning all this media fun.  The Genius’ enthusiasm towards Apple software is infectious and could end up costing you a few bucks in new software you didn’t even know existed.  My report card on ProCare so far, A+.

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