Palm Folio and the Radio Shack WP-2.. A New (old) Idea

Radio Shack WP-2

I was looking at the new Palm Folio  and it reminded me of my old beloved Radio Shack WP-2 that got me through lawschool.  In many ways it was the best laptop I ever used.  I didn’t need to plug it in.  It ran about 20 hours on a pair of AA batteries.  I beat the hell out of it and it just chugged right along for 3 years.  I could fill it with a text file of notes and then go back to my apartment and dump it into my Atari ST Computer and I was good to go.  Granted I love my MacBook Pro but it would be really nice to have an updated WP-2.  Perhaps something with a simple screen and a decent keyboard that does raw text files and has an SD card slot in it for <$150.  Something you could pull out on a train or plane or anywhere else with no fear whatsoever.  I actually still have my WP-2.  I’ve been letting my kids play with it for several years as a toy.  They’ve beat it up more than I ever did and it still looks fine.  Maybe I’ll put some batteries in it this weekend and see what happens.

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