WWDC Recap


It was fun reading the recaps and reports from the WWDC 07. I also really enjoyed looking at Apple’s updated movies and tutorials right here. While several of the changes look nice it really strikes me as incremental more monumental. The stacks are not much different than what I’m currently doing on my desktop with some smart and not so smart folders and the finder improvements are nice but I’m not sure how it stacks against pathfinder. All this being said, I can’t wait to get it on my MacBook Pro.

My wife’s PC is bluescreening pretty regularly and I was hoping we’d here about new iMacs but maybe that will come later.

Addendum … After posting this my daughter asked me about leopard so I watched the videos again with her and she was blown away. Maybe that is the point. These new features are much more helpful/impressive to non-quicksilver geeks like my daughter’s dad.

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