Stacks, MacSparky Style

I was watching Apple’s demonstration of the “Stacks” that will be released in Leopard and realized, “Hey, I’m already doing that!” I’m sure this is nothing new for many of you but using a series of smart (and not so smart) folders I already have my desktop set up in a way that drops downloads and other files into my desktop “inbox” for later sorting and action. Below is my desktop.


On the right side of my desktop there is an inbox, which contains a “download”, “media” and a few other subfolders that I find handy along with an “Outbox” which is where I put things that need to be sent off into the yonder. The “files” icon actually represents an encrypted sparse-image drive that I keep confidential work files in (I have a separate one not shown for personal confidential items) and the “Cabinet” is just a shortcut to my parsed set of document folders. I boosted this idea largely from an excellent series of screencasts by Ethan Schoonover on the Kinkless Desktop. Still and all, doesn’t that make me smart for adopting it?

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