Final Score … Mac 3, PC 0


Just when I thought I couldn’t give the Apple Store any more money…

My wife, along with her partner, runs her own internet business where they sell paper crafting and stamping supplies. I am very proud of her. Anyway, she has been running her store on a PC box that has given us nothing but problems for the last year. I’ve replaced the video card, the sound card, the hard drive and just about everything else but the motherboard and the darned thing still blue screens despite our best efforts through re-installing windows and routine maintenance. Well everytime it dies on her she finds herself on my daughter’s iMac and it has made her a believer. So tonight she joined the growing legions of Mac users with her very own MacBook.

It is funny because the sales guy who set us up was the same guy who sold me my first Mac. I really like the great people at the Irvine Apple Store. It is of note how much easier this purchase was. When I bought my first Mac I was a bit worried about making a mistake. I need a computer every day for my work and Apple was a big leap for me. Buying my wife’s computer was not stressful at all. It is actually a relief to be free of all those PC blue screen problems.

I’ll spend this weekend tricking it out for her. She bought one of those red plastic protective cases on which she plans on doing some serious customization. I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

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