iPhone Phun


I know I’m posting too much on the iPhone as of late but today I can’t help myself. I had another very early day and found myself on the top floor of Los Angeles Superior Court building at 7:30 a.m. with no wifi connection and time to kill. Using my new phone I was able to check mail, review an attached contract, arrange my calendar for the next few days, and follow up with a few web threads I am participating in. Now granted all but that last task was possible on my Treo, they weren’t easy. With the iPhone, they are.

I also have been playing with several of the iPhone sites that act as a navigator for iPhone online applications. The three that I’m currently toying with are Gridgets, Leaflits, and AppLists. Currently Applists is my favorite but I’ll post more detailed thoughts after I’ve spent some more time with them and AFTER I’ve gotten back to Mac posting for awhile.

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