iPhone Third Party Apps and Unlocking Indifference


I read a little today about the current status of the iPhone hackers. Not the unlocking group. The ones that are making third party applications. It seems they are really making progress at making this doable even for us non unix-jockeys. They are past jailbreak now and have an application that just requires a few clickies to put third party apps on the phone and it goes and sniffs applications out for you. It sounds so easy I’m *thinking* about giving it a try. The problem is that I’m not reading about any third party apps that really motivate me to figure it all out. If they could get a mobile OmniOutliner, OmniFocus, and/or Yojimbo… now that would be a different story entirely.

Regardless, I could really care less about the whole “unlock” hubbub. I don’t need another phone company in my life. Phone companies generally act like mobsters. They take your money with little explanation and once in awhile (for good measure) they try to break your kneecaps. I understand about international users and some of the other reasons the unlocking helps a lot of folks out. To that extent I think it is great. I also think Apple really is not going to get its nose too far out of shape if people start buying their $600 phones to unlock somwhere else. AT&T, howver, will have kittens. Regardless, the unlock is pointless in my world. I need another phone account with someone else like a hole in the head.

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