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I’ve already explained how my daughter put the squeeze on me for a new iPod touch. Yesterday I took her down to the local Apple Store and we were fortunate to get one. She was so happy. I can’t really mock this excitement. I did buy an iPhone on June 29 and I do happen to run a Mac blog. Anyway, after playing with it for a day (when my daughter allows me), I thought I’d post a few impressions.

The form factor really is close to the iPhone except it is much thinner. About by half. The case makers are going to have to get to work. The headphone jack is NOT recessed (yay) and the top power button is moved from the right to the left, which does not seem as convenient to me.

Set up was as easy as plugging it in and choosing which data to move over to the iPod. It is so painless that I should say more but us Apple owners are spoiled that way so we just expect it.

A lot of the iPhone applications are identical. Safari, Contacts, Photos, YouTube, and the Calculator among others. The iPod functions are also identical. I’m sorry they didn’t make some of the virtual buttons (FF, RW and pause) bigger. They are hard to hit on the iPhone and also hard to hit on the iPod touch. Other than that gripe, it is the best iPod ever. The video looks gorgeous on it and the menu system is really easy to navigate.

A few things are just silly. You can read your downloaded calendar but you can’t add events on it. Huh? Also, there is no email application. We were able to access her webmail with it but an email application would have been nice.

I guess my biggest gripe with it is not the features that are in it but the features that are left out. If you are looking for an excellent iPod, look no further. If you are looking for something more akin to keeping your Mac in your pocket. Take a look at the iPhone.

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