Schoolhouse for Students


My sixth grader has, for the first time, multiple teachers. I was a mess in school as a kid and it took me years to reverse engineer myself into any sort of organization. I’m hoping to help out my daughter and went sniffing for something that would make it fun. I found this great application, Schoolhouse, that really does the trick. It has everything she needs and is fun to use.

The developer explains the application at his website:

“With the ability to sort and organize your assignments, exams, and projects quickly and easily Schoolhouse is a must have for any student on-the-go. The power of smart notebooks allow you to interact with your work as simply as your iTunes library.

Classcasts give the ability to publish your assignments to the web automatically for anyone to subscribe to. A newly redesigned grading system allows you to chart your scores over the course of the term to keep an outlook as you go. All of this works to ensure you will never be in the dark at the end of the semester.”

This was put together by a single developer and looks great. As useful as it will be to my sixth grader, it would be even better for those in high school and college.

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