Mail Tags Beta Works with Leopard


I was glad to see this morning that InDev has released a new beta of Mail Tags that works in Leopard. In the forums on their site, they explain that a working copy of Mail Act-On is not far behind it. These were the two applications I lost with the Leopard upgrade that I really missed. The developer explains the implementation of Mail Tags with Leopard as follows:

Indev is happy to announce that MailTags for Leopard, the forthcoming update to MailTags will be compatible with Mail 3.0 in Leopard. This update will be free for all registered MailTags 2.0 and 2.1 users.

Mail 3.0 in Leopard brings many new features and improvements to Mail, such as stationary, to dos and stand alone notes. With the new announced features for Mail 3.0, many people have asked about how MailTags for Leopard will work with Mail 3.0.

Metadata makes it better
Many of Mail 3.0’s new features are designed help you manage your information better. MailTags for Leopard is created to go the extra distance to transform Mail 3.0 into a powerful organizational tool. With keywords, project, priorities, tickle dates, and message notes, you can tag your messages to fit your organization scheme. And unlike Mail 3.0 notes, which do not relate to your messages, MailTags data actually are part of your messages. This means that when you view your messages, the tags will always be there. When you move your messages, the tags will also be moved. When you search for your tags, you find your messages.

Maintain your organization with others and over time.
With the ability to send tag and receive tags with message, you can share your metadata with others. With the ability to tags replies as they arrive, and the ability to easily locate previous messages in threads even if they are in different mailboxes, you can automatically maintain your organization system throughout your email conversations.

Tag your critical RSS feeds
In a flow of information, RSS feeds are about more than the latest headlines. Many organization systems now use RSS feeds to be notified of critical information, such as support tickets, user forums discussions, and database driven workflows. With MailTags for Leopard you will be able to tag RSS news items with the same project, keyword, priority and tickle you use for your email. When you look for items needing attention, you can find your tagged RSS items as well as tagged messages.

Indev says the program should be out of the public beta by January 2008. Check it out.

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