Sparks on Tech – More thoughts on the Kindle


I’ve started doing an occasional opinion piece for my friend Steve Stanger on TheMacAttack podcast. I did my first installment in episode 81 that released today. For my first recording for Steve, I expanded a bit on my opinions of the Kindle and Sony readers. As I’ve blogged before, I think the combination of DRM and no proper annotation leaves these products in the category of “toys” more than “tools”.

Having publicly said that, I heard Andy Ihnatko (whom I think is both hilarious and much more tech-savvy than myself) extolling the virtues of his review Kindle. Andy’s praise aside, my opinion still hasn’t changed. I still don’t think those products are ready for use until I can put material on the machine as easy as I can my Mac and annotate it as easily as I can with my pencil. When they pull that off, I’ll be first in line.

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