Another Excellent Update for 1Password

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The guys over at Agile Web Solutions seem busier than Santa’s elves lately. They just released version 2.5.7 of 1Password which makes several substantial improvements. In case you are unfamiliar with 1Password, it keeps track of all of your secret data and web login information (among other things) simply and painlessly. I reviewed it awhile back and it has quickly become essential in my Mac bag of tricks.

This new version provides full Leopard support for all of the major browsers: Safari, WebKit, Firefox, Flock, Omniweb, DEVONagent, Camino, and NetNewsWire. It also now supports DEVONagent 2.3.

My favorite new feature is the new Wallet formats including email accounts, instant messengers, FTP, .Mac, Amazon S3, ISP, passport, driver license, hunting license (Yes … Hunting License!), AirPort Extreme, bank accounts, and MySQL database information. It also sports a new backup system and a much expanded search feature.

1Password also exports a nifty encrypted bookmark to my iPhone that puts all this information in my pocket. You can check it all out at

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