EyeTV Woes

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Well Apple didn’t give me the magic tablet I was hoping for, but they did make the Apple TV much more interesting for me. I do a lot of home video and I was halfway to buying one before. The price drop combined with the ability to rent HD movies puts me in the “will buy” category.

Since I’m intending to do that, I thought I would also get an EyeTV device to allow me to get recorded content onto the Apple TV and my phone. They had a very good deal at Macworld and I picked one up. I have a bit of free time today so I started setting it up but unfortunately the software disc is blank. It has elgato’s printing on the disc, it says “eyetv3”, but when I put it in my Mac, there is nothing on it. The finder opens up showing a “recordable disk”. To make matters worse, I am unable to find a digital download of the eyetv software so my idea of recording tonight’s playoff previews on my Mac are dashed.

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I sent an email to elgato. I’ll keep you posted on just how good their customer service is.


Update 1.20.08

The elgato customer service is actually very good. I received an email this morning with the download link and an apology. Apparently in their rush to get to Macworld with the new software they had a batch of bad disks.

I hooked it all up night and it delivers as promised … almost.

In order to get the DVR function working their television guide provider (TitanTV) has got to have your specific cable provider in their system. Mine is Cox communications which apparently didn’t make the cut. This could be operator error. I’ve only been trying to figure it out for an hour.

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