iPhone SDK Hopes and Dreams

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Just 12 hours until Apple lifts the curtain off the SDK for the iPhone. I’m never very good at predictions but I thought I’d go ahead and weigh in on my hopes for the iPhone in the coming year.

Task List Management

For the love of Pete, let me manage my tasks. I was very pleased to see Omni’s #1 honcho, Ken Case post a comment this week on MacSparky about Omni’s eagerness to get OmniFocus on the iPhone. I have complete faith that if it is at all possible, the Omni wizards will figure it out. This will be huge for me.

Break Me From the Web

There are several applications that have no business being web based. I decent business calculator, 1Password, a basic word processor, and an outliner (OmniOutliner please!) come to mind.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

I had third party applications on my iPhone for a short time but reset it months ago. That being said there are some really nice third party apps that I would love to see brought into the official fold. The screenshot app and Flickr uploader come to mind but there are more.

Shock and Amaze Me

The iPhone is an entirely new platform. I’m sure there are people that have ideas I’ve never considered. I look forward to discovering them.

Hardware Support

A bluetooth keyboard could be a game changer for a lot of us. The device has a bluetooth receiver. Please Apple, throw the bloody switch.

A Word About Distribution

The iPhone is such a huge target, I’m alright with Apple acting as a gate keeper to make sure everything is safe. That being said, I really hope Apple does not abuse such a position. If they do they may find the world passes the iPhone by. I remember a time when Windows was a sad little platform that nobody thought could compete with the Mac. Lets hope Apple doesn’t blow another lead by being close minded.

So what are you predictions? Only 12 hours left.

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