3G iPhone Thoughts

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This fancy new gadget has already been dissected in the blogosphere but being the narcissist that I am (along with the fact I am too tired to organize my thoughts on MobileMe), I thought I’d add my two cents on the 3G iPhone.

The Look

I’m not particularly excited about them dropping the aluminum back. I suspect this has something to do the the 3g and GPS antennas but plastic is, in my mind, cheaper. I took a look at the plastic on the back of my iPhone and it actually has held up quite well (I don’t use a case). Hopefully they use something of similar quality on the 3G phone. I’m glad they are making a black phone, ambivalent about the white and regret they aren’t doing a few more colors. I’m sure that will happen eventually.

The Speed

What is not to like about faster? I still think John Gruber has it right and there will be a processor bottleneck at some point. I also am very curious to see the real world battery tests. It will be interesting to see how they compare to Apple’s initial reports.


I still really like my Garmin NUVI. I am not that excited about GPS in my phone because I’ve never seen it work any good. This feature may be more important as developers incorporate it into new software. Perhaps then I’ll feel a need for it but in terms of finding my way around, I am not getting rid of my Garmin anytime soon.

The Memory

I was really hoping for a 32 gig machine. With all this great new software coming out, storage will be more important than ever. That being said, using smart playlists I still have plenty of room on my 8 gig phone.

The Price

Apple is going to grab a ton of market share with that price point. Price is a large part of the focus in this upgrade. It was not about making the camera better or adding video. It is about getting 3G and lowering the price enough to grab market share. However, The lower price point may not be as rosy as it initially appears. AT&T is, according to some reports, subsidizing that price to get it so low. That means you will end up paying more on the back end for your contract. Reports are already surfacing confirming this.

So all of the above being considered, I am not certain that I will be upgrading immediately. I’m not going to say I won’t because I get sucked into the Apple product launches like like the pre-Subway Jarod into an all-you-can eat buffet. That being said, it is not a “sure thing” for me. It may make sense to wait until they get a bit more memory. Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly) my daughter is pushing hard why I should get one and “deserve” a new phone. Think that has anything to do with her thoughts about getting the old one? Perhaps a little bit.

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