The Ultimate Old School Apple Keyboard Hack

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I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro and I love it completely (almost). There is one problem. There is no Apple key. Now I know there was a lot of hubbub about Apple removing the Apple key from its keyboards last year. There were online petitions and a general nerd uproar. I have to admit the whole thing seemed silly to me until I got a Mac without the Apple key. Then I found I really missed it. I’m old enough to remember when the Apple key was everywhere in the Mac OS. It was not only on the keyboard but plastered all over the menus. Heck, I even remember when there were two different kinds of Apple keys. For me, the Apple key is an old friend down there on my keyboard and “part” of my computing experience.

So as I was using my shiny new Mac I found myself pining away for that Apple key. A good friend (who also happens to work for a certain fruit company) showed mercy and got me two slightly used Apple keys from an old MacBook Pro that just happen to be exactly the same size and design as the current “Command” key. It was sort of like receiving an organ donation, but for computers. With a little wiggling and a lot of help from said fruit-empoyed friend the command keys came off and the Apple keys found a new home. All is right in the universe once again.

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The now discarded “Command” keys sit in a drawer sadly like a discarded kidney, with full knowledge they will never get the geek affection bestowed upon my Apple keys.

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