Macworld Adventures, Day 3

Yesterday I spent the morning in the west hall where I saw a few things interesting:

Wiretap Studio Pro

I finally got a good look at this application. It is very impressive. On the fly preview of the encoding and file size could save me a bunch of time. I may have to switch to this one. Stay tuned.

Fluid Mask 3

This application is $199 but does an excellent job of removing background in about 2 minutes. If I was a graphics professional, I'd be all over it.

Avery Design Pro

The label people have some excellent Mac friendly software to work with their products. I"m in the beta and will keep you posted. It should release in a few months.

Plasq Doozla

A fun little drawing application that I may end up buying for my kids.

I also got to meet Kenji Kato, who was very friendly and helpful with his greenscreen video demonstration.

I had lunch with the podcasting gang.

the gang.jpg

From left to right that is Allison Sheridan, Yours truly, Victor Cajiou, Katie Floyd, and Don McAllister.

It is funny how we've all just physically met the last few days but we all get along as if we've known each other for years.

In the afternoon I hit the South hall one last time and then returned to the hotel to refresh for the Mac Podcaster meeting and mingle in the evening at Jillian's. The podcast was lively and the mingle afterward was even more fun meeting people from all over the world that love all things Macintosh.

This morning I'm packing up and heading back to Macsparky headquarters. It has been a fun few days but I'm ready to get back to my family and my "other" job. I have marked the days for next year - January 5-9, and already look forward to coming back.