1Password and TextExpander Discounts


Two of my absolute favorite applications are 1Password and TextExpander.

Password Mojo

1Password is simply the best password generation/management tool I have ever used. The ability to generate secure, different passwords for every web login as well as store other secure data and sync it between multiple computers and keep it all on your iPhone is just unmatched.

Text Input Bliss

Likewise, TextExpander does a great job of using text snippets to insert text in any context. I use it every day and have snippets that range from emails to programming code to contract terms.

Anyway, if you are thinking of picking these two up, they have complimentary discounts. SmileOnMyMac is offering a 25% discount on 1Password when you buy any SmileOnMyMac product at their store and 1Password is offering a 20% discount on TextExpander when you buy 1Password. You can get the details here.

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