TextExpander iPhone/iPod Touch Edition


One of my very favorite Mac applications, TextExpander, found its way to the iPhone (iTunes link). This is an indispensable text replacement tool. I was going to write it up in detail but noticed my friend John Chandler already did. One of the most intriguing features is their release of the text expansion engine to other developers. While you can bet money this will never end up in Apple’s Mail app, I can easily see twitter and other text heavy apps embracing it. Nice work SmileOnMyMac.

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Text Expander E-Mail Signature Mojo


I love hearing from readers and listeners with interesting questions. Recently, reader Teri wrote asking about how to make clickable links using TextExpander for an e-mail signature. I have been doing this for some time by using the entire link. For instance up until very recently, part of my e-mail signature looked like this:

Picture 3.png

Teri’s question was whether, using TextExpander, she could put a link in without spelling out the link specifically. Turns out you can.
The trick is:
1. Enable Formatted Text and Pictures with the snippet:

format text and picture.png

2. Type out the entire Link:

Link- full.png

3. Context Click and Create URL

make url.jpg

4. Go Into the Created Link and Edit the Text


5. Customize the Text
Set your fonts and colors. Here is my final product.

final sig.png

Thanks to the gang at SmileOnMyMac for helping me sort this out and for their continuing effort on TextExpander.

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1Password and TextExpander Discounts


Two of my absolute favorite applications are 1Password and TextExpander.

Password Mojo

1Password is simply the best password generation/management tool I have ever used. The ability to generate secure, different passwords for every web login as well as store other secure data and sync it between multiple computers and keep it all on your iPhone is just unmatched.

Text Input Bliss

Likewise, TextExpander does a great job of using text snippets to insert text in any context. I use it every day and have snippets that range from emails to programming code to contract terms.
Anyway, if you are thinking of picking these two up, they have complimentary discounts. SmileOnMyMac is offering a 25% discount on 1Password when you buy any SmileOnMyMac product at their store and 1Password is offering a 20% discount on TextExpander when you buy 1Password. You can get the details here.

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TextExpander Bumps to 2.2


SmileOnMyMac has been putting in overtime on TextExpander lately. They released version 2.1 recently followed very quickly by version 2.1.1 and now they are releasing 2.2. The newest version adds a snippet group for common CSS code for all the web design jockeys. It also limits “Adapt to Case” to lowercase snippets and to abbreviations with two or more characters to avoid problems with those expansions.
I’ve been using the upgraded version today for awhile and still occasionally run into a problem when typing fast and the text gets jumbled into the snippet. That frustration aside, TextExpander is still one of my all time favorite applications on the Mac. Lets hope they figure a way to put their magic onto an iPhone where this application could be extremely useful.

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Text Expander Releases Version 2.1

text expander.png

Text Expander is one of my favorite applications. I use text snippets for everything from email to legal briefs to applescript code. If you do any sort of repetitive text entry, you owe it to yourself to give Text Expander a try.
The new version 2.1 includes several improvements. According to the developer version 2.1 adds the following:
– Allows single character abbreviations
– Improves performance and reliability for fast typists
– Remembers open groups in Preference pane
– Preserves format when creating snippets from selection or Clipboard
– Fixes problem expanding when there are multiple nested snippets
– Minor fixes and improvements

I’m most interested in increased reliability for fast typists. Occasionally, Text Expander stumbles when I type too fast which can be frustrating. I’m interested in what the users are using Text Expander or any of the other text snippet applications for. Sound off in the comments.

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20 Great Mac Applications


Lifehacker did a great little write up of 20 essential applications on your Mac. I generally agreed with their opinions. A few in particular that I find very helpful are …
Disk Inventory X – This application is great for sniffing out large files on your hard drive you didn’t realize are there. Before installing Leopard, I found 8 gigs of sample garageband song files that were easily moved onto an external drive.
Growl – Don’t question it. Just install it.
TextExpander – This application is a huge timesaver. The trick is to remember it is there and to keep updating it with new snippets. I’ve been using the new version that came out a few weeks ago and had ho problems with it in Tiger or Leopard.
A few of the applications Lifehacker recommends don’t really impress me so much. I prefer mail.app over Thunderbird and Safari over Firefox. Anyway, you can read the full article right here.

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