Text Expander E-Mail Signature Mojo


I love hearing from readers and listeners with interesting questions. Recently, reader Teri wrote asking about how to make clickable links using TextExpander for an e-mail signature. I have been doing this for some time by using the entire link. For instance up until very recently, part of my e-mail signature looked like this:

Picture 3.png

Teri’s question was whether, using TextExpander, she could put a link in without spelling out the link specifically. Turns out you can.

The trick is:

1. Enable Formatted Text and Pictures with the snippet:

format text and picture.png

2. Type out the entire Link:

Link- full.png

3. Context Click and Create URL

make url.jpg

4. Go Into the Created Link and Edit the Text


5. Customize the Text

Set your fonts and colors. Here is my final product.

final sig.png

Thanks to the gang at SmileOnMyMac for helping me sort this out and for their continuing effort on TextExpander.

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