Text Expander Releases Version 2.1

text expander.png

Text Expander is one of my favorite applications. I use text snippets for everything from email to legal briefs to applescript code. If you do any sort of repetitive text entry, you owe it to yourself to give Text Expander a try.

The new version 2.1 includes several improvements. According to the developer version 2.1 adds the following:

- Allows single character abbreviations
- Improves performance and reliability for fast typists
- Remembers open groups in Preference pane
- Preserves format when creating snippets from selection or Clipboard
- Fixes problem expanding when there are multiple nested snippets
- Minor fixes and improvements

I'm most interested in increased reliability for fast typists. Occasionally, Text Expander stumbles when I type too fast which can be frustrating. I'm interested in what the users are using Text Expander or any of the other text snippet applications for. Sound off in the comments.