AppStore Picks: Note2Self


I'm going to start an irregular series of iPhone application recommendations. My first pick is a great little voice recorder called Note2Self. This application scratches a particular itch for me. You see, I have this problem. I'm a scatterbrain. I can be just about anywhere and think of something I need to do. The problem is, a few minutes later I may just completely forget that thought entirely. So there you have my problem. How do I capture those thoughts before I experience my own Ram flush? I've used a variety of tools for this problem including Moleskines, Jott, and the ever present Napkin.

Note2Self is my most recent tool in this arsenal. Once you activate the application it gives you a simple screen.

You can either press the "Start Recording" button or just hold the phone up to your ear and it starts recording automatically.

It is that easy. I hold it up to my ear and empty my passing thought.

"Make plan for world domination with geeky Mac website."

I then lower the phone and it stops recording automatically and emails the audio file to my chosen inbox. When the personal RAM flushes (it inevitably will), it doesn't matter because the next time I check email I'll have a little audio file that reminds me to do something or add a task to OmniFocus.

You can download Note2Self directly from the AppStore for $2.99. You can learn more about the application at the developer website. Check it out.