Where’s MacSparky? Macworld Edition


Things have been busy on my end lately and I’m going to be heading up to Macworld Expo Tuesday morning. While I fully intended to have my plans set by now, sadly that hasn’t happened. I can, however, report the following:

Mac Roundtable Recording on Show Floor

I’ll be participating in the live Mac Roundtable recording on Wednesday January 7 at 4:00 p.m. at the Mac Learning Center in Booth 3036 in the North Hall. Along with me will be several of my favorite Mac Podcasters. Please stop by and say hello.

Other Interesting Events

I’m also planning to attend several events:

Following the Mac Roundtable recording, Adam Christianson of the MacCast is organizing a user event that should be social and fun.

IDG is also planning a town hall meeting Wednesday night concerning the future of an Apple-less Macworld.

The Cirque-du-Mac party Wednesday night should be a blast. This one requires a ticket but they are not impossible to obtain.

David Pogue’s Wednesday morning Letteresque spoof of a Mac based late night talk show is always entertaining.

Leo Laporte is giving a speech Thursday morning. I have no clue what he will talk about but he is always intelligent and entertaining.

I’m sure there will be more. Follow my twitter at “macsparky”. My most important Macworld advice is to make some friends and have fun. See you there.

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