The Great Sync Gold Rush

There is a new battlefield in the often maligned rush to cloud computing called sync services. Most Apple users are aware of MobileMe and some of the really techy ones know about Dropbox but sit back kids because that is just the beginning.

In the last month, numerous rumors have surfaced about the fabled Google cloud drive giving you virtual cloud storage space. Google also released their own phone syncing service aiming at seemlessly tying the Google apps and their data to any phone. If that isn’t enough, Microsoft has also started looking up into the clouds with their own PC and Mac friendly syncing services.

These are the wild days for sync services. There is no “go to” service (yet) and every developer with an extra server and a bottle of Web 2.0 sauce wants to join the party. As for me, I am sold with MobileMe for most of my syncing and a Dropbox account for the big stuff. I am excited about all this competition however because I believe synced data is going to be the future and we are just at the beginning.

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