Looking at the Kindle 2

Amazon rolled out the Kindle 2 today. I am a reformed Kindle user, which means initially I mocked it and now I love mine. I still have my doubts as to whether the Kindle business model will actually succeed. It seems to me people would prefer not to buy new hardware to read their books. However, since Amazon appears to be the only game in town, they just may pull it off. Maybe one way to get better market penetration would be for Amazon to bundle the Kindle for free or at a seriously reduced price in exchanged for pre-paid subscriptions.

Anyway, as much as I like my 1st generation Kindle, the form factor is just awkward. After a year, I’ve still yet to figure out a way to hold it comfortably while laying on the couch without accidently turning pages. Hopefully they sorted that out with the new design.

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